Spread, Set of 4


Gift box with four small jams from Nicolas Vahé. The jams are perfect as a sweet present for a hostess, a girlfriend or a neighbour. This present consists of four flavours that are all made of high quality ingredients without any preservatives or additives; raspberry & ginger, coconut & passion fruit, apple, lemon & ginger and fig. Each jar contains 40g/1.04oz

Once opened: consume within 3 weeks and store in a cold place.

Content: Apple, lemon & ginger: apples, cane sugar, lemons, crystallized ginger (cane sugar, ginger), gelling agent (fruit pectin). Fig: figs, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent (fruit pectin). Coconut & passion fruit: cane sugar, coconut milk (coconut milk and grated coconut, sugar, sodium caseinate (milk)), passion fruit, gelling agen (fruit pectin, calcium citrate). Raspberry & ginger: raspberries, cane sugar, ginger, gelling agent (fruit pectin).