Sombre Negra Eau Fraiche


Sombre Negra Eau Fraiche. This fragrance morphs, like a black shadow. The third iteration of this conceptual fragrance is heaven and earth blended together. Rich with creamy sandalwood and agarwood oud. This vibrational fragrance is grounded and superlative. It creates an aura of supreme connection and sumptuous elegance.

  • Perfumer: Olivia Jan, Robertet
  • Dimensions 2.5" l x 1.5" w x 4.3" h
  • Weight 1 lb

The Eau Fraiche collection are remastered classics from YOSH Luxury Elements eau de parfum. All scents have been re-engineered to match the tastes and styles of the modern fragrance lover. New concentrations offer voluminous translucence yet intimate and radiant aura. Think of it like a remix of a song with a new DJ and modern beats over-layed on top. We invited celebrity perfumer Rodrigo Flores from Givaudan to modernize the fragrances originally created by YOSH. We love this stylized collaboration!

*This item is excluded from sale events and not available for additional discounting or promotional offers.