TURMERIC belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and originates from Maharashtra, a state in India. While the yellow color is truly remarkable, TURMERIC is so much more than meets the eye. It has an earthy, warm, and peppery flavor with a tad of bitterness. Indispensable for Indian curries, popular with cauliflower, potatoes and other root vegetables, and a safe bet for poultry.

You can even grate turmeric and sprinkle it over a creamy soup or a stew. Only your imagination – and tastebuds – set the limit. But there’s more. As with its cousin ginger, turmeric is said to have many health benefits. So the next time you make yourself a green detox smoothie, why not add some grated turmeric?

GINGER belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and comes from the states Karnataka and Kerala in India. So it seems natural that this aromatic and hot root often is used in the Asian cuisine, but it has also influenced Caribbean cooking. Goes amazingly well together with meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. Don’t hesitate to use grated ginger in marinades, soups, and sauces either to add some heat and pleasant warmth.

When you think about how often ginger is used in bread, pastries, and cakes, you realize how incredibly versatile it is. And it’s not that strange that many people make themselves a ginger shot from time to time. Ginger is said to be very healthy.

CINNAMON in the form of cassia bark works really well as a seasoning for desserts and pastries, but it is often also used in cooking, such as in stews and for meat dishes. Many curry recipes recommend grated cassia bark and grating cassia bark over rice pudding for Christmas in Sweden is not uncommon.

The cassia sticks are extremely hard and usually consist of a thick layer of bark, which makes them perfect to grate with all our RIVSALT graters.

NUTMEG is known for its warm, spicy aroma and wide use. You often find it in pumpkin pies and cakes, but it can also give sweet and savory food that extra kick of flavor. Nutmeg is especially suited for creamy or cheesy dishes such as lasagna, creamed spinach, and mashed potatoes (with butter, a lot).

Add freshly grated nutmeg to custards, pancake batter and banana-based desserts. Stir some into your chocolate mousse. Sprinkle nutmeg shavings on top of hot chocolate or an espresso. Feel the taste, feel the difference. And have some more.

Nutmeg should be grated - not ground – freshly onto hot food at the end of the cooking process. That’s how you preserve the flavor of its fresh oils. All RIVSALT graters work perfectly with nutmeg.

Nutmeg is dried and peeled fruit kernels of the nutmeg tree [Myristica fragrans]. Ours are organic and handpicked by a small farmers' cooperative on the Indonesian archipelago of the Moluccas, known as the "spice islands".


Dried turmeric roots: 2-7 cm / 0.79-2.75 in Approx. 30 g / 1.06 oz
Dried ginger roots: 2-7 cm / 0.79-2.75 in Approx. 50 g / 1.76 oz
Cassia bark: 70-100 mm / 2.75-3.94 in Approx. 15 g / 0.53 oz

Organic nutmeg: 20-25 mm / 0.8-1.0 in Approx. 30 g / 0.06 oz (5 nuts)