Pasta Water Salt


PASTA SALT is perfectly salted pasta the easy way. No measuring, no guessing. Just add one halite salt rock per liter water and the pasta water will be as salty as the Mediterranean. Which means perfect, according to many Italian chefs. Because pasta water should be salted generously. This is what happens:

The halite salt dissolves and seasons the water. When the pasta noodles rehydrate and cook, they soak up the salted water. The pasta noodles are now seasoned from the inside, and the flavor is enhanced.

Curated by Swedish-Italian master chef Dante Zia, PASTA SALT is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the traditional Cucina italiana and all the wonderful dishes it has brought to the world – including pasta cooked in water salty as the sea.


Weight: 350 g / 12.3 oz

Packaging size: 17.0x5.6 cm / 5.43x1.8 in