Leif Fragrance


About Elle Landon
I grew up in Nashville a stones throw from Hank Williams Jr, Porter Wagoner, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, and Brenda Lee. I attended Harpeth Hall, an all girls school, and Vanderbilt. During those years I learned the value of hard work and about the strength that women bring into the world. My passion for skincare came early on. The summers were hot and humid and winters cold and dry. As a young girl, I searched for products to help my skin cope with the southern weather. Good skincare became a lifetime ritual and pursuit. I fell in love with the natural essential oils. It took years to find the right combinations of oils to formulate a luxe face oil and body oil with a beautiful scent. My husband, an emergency physician, asked me to create a beard oil for him to use as well.
Elle Landon is named in honor of my mother, whose maiden name was Landon. My perfumes are named after my two beloved Aunts, Leta and Vivian, and my Cousin Leif inspired my men's cologne.
I'm happiest when having time with my husband and our seven children, and working with my oils. It is my passion to create my oils and I'd love to share my passion with you.

About the Fragrance
With an aromatic scent of sandalwood and leather straight out of the bottle, once applied, Leif is an enticing but subtle fragrance to wear all day.

Size: 0.5 oz/ 15ml