Cache Pot Vases


These sleek Cache Pot Vases are the perfect way to display your orchid collection. Sizes are without feet, feet are optional.

Small: 7 in width x 7 in depth x 12 in height (feet add 2 inches)               Code: VA1    
Medium:  11 in width x 11 in depth x 18 in height (feet add 2 inches)      Code: VA2    
Med/Large: 17
in width x 17 in depth x 26 in height (feet add 2 inches)   Code:VA3     
Extra large: 21 in width x 21 in depth x 33 in height  (feet add 2 inches)   Code:VA4     

Long-lasting (up to 30 years) fibreglass reproduction piece.


Production time up to 12 weeks, contact us for expedited availability.