Bianca Nesting Lazy Susan in Various Sizes


Joining together the inspiration from a traditional Spanish mealtime with the functionality of a Lazy Susan, the small Bianca Nesting Lazy Susan is the epitome of elevated organization. This lightweight serving tray can also double as a pantry organizer for spices, utensils, or any other small kitchen accessories. Crafted with functionality in mind, it can also stand alone as a display accent or be easily stacked with Nesting Trays and/or Lazy Susans.

Product Overview

  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 14"Ø 
    • Medium: 17"Ø 
    • Large: 20"Ø 
  • Material: Reclaimed Wood
  • Weight: 
    • Small: 5 lb
    • Medium: 8 lb
    • Large: 10 lb


  • Lazy Susan design element that allows the nesting tray to turn 360 degrees.
  • Coated in a 100% plant-based, food-safe wax finish.
  • Hand-made from reclaimed wood by local artisans in Europe, making each board one-of-a-kind.
  • Due to the occurrences found in reclaimed wood, natural dips and grooves will be visible on the board.
  • etúHOME’s serving boards are intended for serving only and should not be used for cutting or chopping. To protect and preserve the integrity and longevity of the piece, we recommend using a barrier such as parchment paper, a plate or a bowl for non-dry and hot ingredients.

Care Instructions

  • To prevent and resolve surface stains, wipe the surface clean with hot soapy water immediately after using and then dry with a clean, dry dish towel.
  • Never submerge your wood board in water and avoid abrasive cleaning products.
  • Brightly colored foods such as berries, turmeric and mustard may stain white and lighter waxed boards.
  • To remove these tougher stains, reference our website for eco-friendly cleaning options.