Beverly Candle



  • Organic coconut wax blend
  • Lead-free cotton wick for clean burning
  • Essential oil and fragrance oil blend
  • Reusable glass vessel
  • 7.5 oz. candle, 40-hour burn time

Wilkin & May handcrafted candles are made from food-grade-certified coconut oil, which is ethically produced from sustainable sources. The final result is a clean burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance, and is truly ecologically responsible. Wilkin & May candles are paraben-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, and never tested on animals. Coconut wax is sustainable, biodegradable, and clean burning. Coconut wax is also biodegradable and water soluble, meaning Wilkin & May’s glass containers are easily washable, making them recyclable or reusable.

Trim your wick before every burn (even the first burn). We recommend trimming to a minimum of 1/4". By doing this, you ensure an even and soot-free burn. For best results, burn until the wax melts evenly across container (about 1-2 hours), not exceeding 3 hours. Burning for long periods of time puts the wick at risk of uncentering, being too close to the glass, and possibly causing the glass to break or burst. Keep wax pool free of debris and make sure that the wick stays centered with each burn. Do not burn your candle below 1/2" of wax. This could cause the container to crack or burst.